Average Cleaning Fee for Airbnb: Complete Cost Guide

Average Cleaning Fee for Airbnb: Complete Cost Guide

Every traveler wants a hygienic and cozy place to stay and Airbnb being a popular choice, many hosts struggle with the average cleaning fee for Airbnb. The majority of Airbnbs provide an aesthetically pleasing vibe but maintaining such high-end properties can be a hassle.

When it comes to hygiene and cleanliness many hosts fail to maintain their property and end up ruining the guests’ experience. Due to lack of cleanliness and unhygienic stay, many properties get notified for conduct and even get discontinued. Thus it is important for hosts to get their properties professionally cleaned.

To ensure that all the guests have an excellent stay, hosts can impose a cleaning fee within the bill to keep the property spotless. Cleaning fees are additional charges hosts can include with their listings to cover the cost Airbnb cleaning and preparing the space between guests.

Unlike normal house cleaning, the cost of Airbnb cleaning includes a range of services designed to ensure the property meets guest expectations for cleanliness and comfort. Knowing the average cleaning fee for Airbnb helps hosts set competitive prices and allows guests to budget their travel expenses accurately.

What is the Airbnb Cleaning Fee and How Does it Work?

The average cleaning fee for Airbnb is a key component for hosts to maintain their properties. This fee differs significantly from normal house cleaning as it involves extensive cleaning specific to guest accommodation. Hosts determine this fee to cover the comprehensive cleaning required after guests leave and before new ones arrive.

How to Set the Fee?

Hosts set the average cleaning fee for Airbnb based on the property size, the extent of cleaning needed, and local cleaning rates. This helps them manage the overall cost Airbnb cleaning effectively. The cleaning fee is clearly listed on the property page, ensuring transparency for guests who can see this fee before booking.

Hosts can also induce a cleaning fee to prevent shorter bookings. For eg, It will seem expensive to pay $70 for cleaning after just one night’s stay. For a weeklong reservation, however, a $70 cleaning cost works out to just $10 each night.

Calculation and Collection

The fee is calculated by the host and added directly to the booking cost. It’s a one-time charge per booking, not per night, which is important for guests to note. This approach simplifies the payment process and ensures that the cleaning costs are covered without confusing multiple charges.

Purpose and Benefits

This fee allows hosts to ensure their properties meet the high cleanliness standards expected by guests and upheld by Airbnb. It typically covers deep cleaning, laundry, restocking of supplies, and other preparations that go beyond typical house cleaning. By investing in such thorough cleaning measures, hosts provide a welcoming and clean environment for every guest, contributing to better reviews and ongoing success on the platform.

Factors Influencing Cleaning Fees

Understanding the components that determine the average cleaning fee for Airbnb is crucial for hosts setting fair prices and guests understanding what goes into property preparation. Several variables significantly impact these fees, surpassing what is typically expected from normal house cleaning.

Property Size

The fee is set based on the square footage and the number of rooms. As larger properties that require more work are priced highly. Larger spaces require more time and effort to clean, which naturally increases the cleaning fee. For instance,

  • Small to Medium Properties – Small to medium properties include 1-2 bedrooms and the fees might range from $20 to $50.
  • Large Properties – Large properties on the other hand include more than 3 bedrooms. Fees can range from $50 to $150, especially if the property includes multiple bathrooms or outdoor spaces.


Adjustments based on local economic conditions ensure that the fee matches the cost of living and operating in different areas. The average cleaning fee for Airbnb can vary based on the property’s location like,

  • Urban Areas generally have higher fees due to increased labor rates and the higher cost of living.
  • Rural Areas have lower fees but can include travel surcharges for cleaning services.


Adjusting fees according to seasonal demand helps balance workload and profitability throughout the year. For instance,

  • Peak Seasons – Fees may increase by 10-20% to manage the high turnover of guests.
  • Off-Peak Seasons – Lower fees could be offered to attract more bookings during slower periods.

Amenities Provided

Many hosts charge specific fees for additional facilities which cover the costs associated with their maintenance and cleaning. Properties with extra amenities often have higher cleaning fees,

  • Pool or Hot Tub can include an additional $10 to $25 per booking for maintenance.
  • Pets or Children’s Areas can get you extra cleaning fees of $15 to $30. It may apply depending on the nature and extent of the cleaning needed.

Host Preferences and Standards

The personal choices and additional services in the fee reflect the personal choice of the hosts. This makes it fair and transparent, aligning with each host’s unique approach to hosting. Host’s personal cleanliness standards and choice of services can influence fees like,

  • Professional Cleaning – Some hosts prefer hiring professionals to ensure top-quality cleanliness which adds 20-30% more to the basic fee.
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning – Many guests want eco-friendly cleaning and using e-friendly cleaning products can add an extra $5 to $15 to the cleaning cost.

Understanding these factors helps hosts set accurate fees. This helps the host to stay trues to the property cleanliness. This also encourages the guests to appreciate the effort put into maintaining a clean and welcoming space. This transparency and fairness are what help maintain the balance between profitability for hosts and satisfaction for guests on the Airbnb platform.

Understanding Average Cleaning Fees

When it comes to Airbnb, understanding the average cleaning fee for Airbnb is crucial for both hosts and guests. This helps the host in managing expectations and budgeting. Unlike normal house cleaning, the cost of Airbnb cleaning can vary significantly based on several factors.

Regional Differences

The average cleaning fee for Airbnb differs widely from one region to another. In urban areas, you can expect higher fees which will typically range from $50 to $100. This increase is due to higher labor costs and the intense cleaning required in high-traffic locations. However in rural or less populated areas the fees might be lower. The typical range starts from $20 to $50 due to lower cost of living and potentially fewer bookings.

Cost Ranges by Property Type

The type of property also plays a crucial role in determining the cleaning fee. Studios and one-bedroom apartments usually have lower fee i.e., around $20 to $40. On the other hand, larger properties start from $60 to $150. This range depends on the additional labor and time required to clean larger spaces.

Comparison with Normal House Cleaning

It’s important to note that the average cleaning fee for Airbnb usually covers more extensive services than typical house cleaning. Airbnb cleanings often include deep cleaning, restocking of essentials, and preparation tailored for new guests. House cleaning is very minimal as compared to Airbnb professional cleaning.

As there is so much to take care of, it justifies the higher costs. Understanding these details helps both hosts to set competitive yet fair prices and guests to budget accordingly. This level of transparency fosters trust and enhances the Airbnb experience for everyone involved.

What Does It Cover?

The average cleaning fee for Airbnb covers more than just the basics of normal house cleaning. It includes a variety of services to ensure the property is guest-ready. This includes deep cleaning of all rooms, sanitizing bathrooms & kitchens, and washing linens & towels.

It also includes restocking essential supplies like toiletries and paper products. This fee ensures that the property meets the high standards expected by guests. This thorough cleaning not only enhances the guest experience but also helps maintain the property’s appeal and cleanliness for future bookings.


Why is Airbnb Cleaning Fee So High?

If you decide to compare the cleaning fee for Airbnb to what you would typically pay for house cleaning, it may seem a bit expensive. But it actually covers a lot more than just that. The fee is used in giving the property a thorough deep cleaning, cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, kitchens, professionally washed bed linens with all essential supplies being restocked. Most hosts therefore end up choosing professional cleaning as a way for consistently high standards of cleanliness and comfort expected of guests, hence further increasing the.

What is the Average Cleaning Fee on Airbnb?

The amount paid for cleaning a room in a property listed on Airbnb usually ranges widely depending on factors such as the size of the place and where it’s situated. For one night only, someone who reserves space on this platform should be ready to spend anything between $20 and even $150 if need be.

Suppose we’re talking about hostels; they would cost between $20-$40 for tiny structures such as studios/1 BR apartments versus $40 +( signifying apartments) like those found at city centres where demand goes up with time.

Who is Responsible for Cleaning Airbnb?

The host is responsible for ensuring that the Airbnb is thoroughly cleaned and ready for each new guest. This responsibility is reflected in the cleaning fee charged. Some hosts opt to handle the cleaning themselves to save on costs, while others prefer to hire professional cleaning services to maintain consistent and high-quality standards.

What Does Airbnb Cleaning Include?

Airbnb cleaning tasks comprise actions that are different from what one would typically expect of a house cleaner. They entail washing/cleaning all rooms thoroughly; sanitizing surfaces which come into contact with our hands such as kitchen work surfaces or doors so that they do not carry germs after use by human beings.

Cleaning up after oneself is one way to maintain orderliness in the house. The service may also involve cleaning used linen and towels with soap or other types of fabric softeners before drying them; replenishment of lavatory requisites whenever necessary; checking if any other complimentary goods provided are tidy and operational. This cleaning comprises.


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